You’re already Kind.

After all,
You’ve let middle schoolers wash your car (and even paid them for it).
You always leave a penny in the “take-a-penny, leave-a-penny” tray.
You tithe 10(ish) percent.

Orange wants to help you be Kind-er.

Kinder is not just donating money to a good cause, it’s investing in the lives of the people you meet.

Your time is best spent doing what only you can do:

Building relationships with the people you see every week.


For the past ten years Orange has championed an approach to ministry that elevates community. That simply means that we think what you do for a few will matter more than what you do for many.

Every month, Orange writes over a million words and produces over 25 videos all with one purpose: to connect kids and teenagers with a consistent leader who can help them have a stronger faith and a better future. We want to create the resources, so you can focus on building relationships.


Charleston, South Carolina was voted “most friendly city in the U.S.”
No matter how friendly the following (100% real) cities may be, we’re
still not sure we’d want to live there:

  • Disco, Tennessee (depending on how you feel about ABBA)
  • Boring, Oregon
  • Lonelyville, New York
  • Greasy,Oklahoma
  • Idiotville, Oregon
  • Hell, Michigan

When you spend less time preparing
content you can spend more time being present.

Orange was the first curriculum to launch an online, fully-customizable church curriculum over ten years ago. From the beginning, our mission has been to make it as easy as possible for churches to win in their community. That means that we want to give you the resources you need, in the way you need them, with a high level of flexibility.

Based on weekly conversations with leaders in small churches, large churches, city churches, and rural churches, Orange is innovating once again. This year, Orange will launch an all new system for how you experience your curriculum, so that it’s faster, easier, and even more effective with your particular community.

We want to give you back the one thing that matters most in ministry: time. (okay, maybe you also need money. But time is money too, right?)


  • Curriculum is easily customizable for every context.
  • An overhaul of our online systems to help you get your curriculum faster, easier, and more effectively. NEW!
  • Customized and flexible curriculum packages. NEW!


The most important thing your
church can do is to show kids
how to be the church.

As Christians we are compelled by the Gospel to love our neighbor in a way that moves us outside our comfort zones. Whenever a church shifts its focus to the community outside the church it gives believers a new way to experience what Jesus can do in and through them and it gives the community a way to experience the love that God has for them.

Today, Orange churches around the world continue not only to share the message of
the Gospel, but to step outside the walls of their buildings and into the lives of people.



  • Content designed for easy implementation by families inside and outside the church.
  • Weekly stories and principles that reinforce what it means to love God and others.
  • A perpetual service emphasis that moves kids to live out their faith at every lifestage.


In 2014, A survey of teachers from 10,000 schools compiled a list of boys names most likely to be well-behaved. The top 5 were Jacob, Daniel, Thomas, James and Adam. Boys names that did not make the cut:

  • Beelzebub
  • Dracula
  • Voldemort
  • Sauron
  • Demogorgon
  • Darth Vader