Welcome Orange Partners!

For all of the incredible leaders that are pursuing the Orange Strategy at churches around the world, we are hoping that you’ll find lots of information about the upcoming updates and upgrades happening all over the place within Orange.

We are excited to implement NEW technologies, NEW curriculum resources, and NEW training tools to help you lead in a way that is

What's New in First Look?

Find out more about the updates coming to First Look! Check out this Facebook Live video from Mike and Brittany that provides more details about the new curriculum delivery system and new curriculum package tiers!

What's New in XP3 Middle School?

What's New in 252 Kids?

Find out more about the updates coming to 252 Kids! Check out this Facebook Live video from Mike and Dan that provides more details about the new curriculum delivery system and new curriculum package tiers!

What's New in XP3 High School?

Find out more about the updates coming to XP3 Middle School and XP3 High School! Check out this Facebook Live video from the XP3 team that provides more details about the new curriculum delivery system and new curriculum package tiers!


When are these changes expected to take place

We have already rolled out some of the updates to all of our curriculum products – such as the restructuring of our Orange Specialists and updating the name of 252 Basics to 252 Kids! Many other changes are expected to be ready for you to experience by later this summer. The updates to the curriculum delivery system and the upgrade to curriculum package tiers will be communicated well ahead of time to all of our current partners and we will keep you updated regarding the progress of these exciting updates!

What is included with the different partnership levels for 252 Kids and First Look?

We are looking forward to offering partnership levels that will make it SO much easier for leaders to have access to the right tools and resources for their environment and programs! Look through the options available for First Look and 252 Kids below and be sure to connect with your Orange Specialist if you have questions or concerns.

Partnership Levels – First Look
Partnership Levels – 252 Kids

Information regarding partnership levels for XP3 Middle School and XP3 High School will be available soon.

What if I am mid-subscription when these changes take place?

If you are mid-license, no worries.  We will give you plenty of notice prior to the changes to our delivery system.  You will then be able to access the content of the premium package  through the remainder of your license period plus any supplemental video resources you continue to purchase.  When it’s time for your license renewal, you can select the curriculum package that is best for you.  If you have any questions regarding this process, remember that your Orange Specialist is a phone call or email away.  To see who your OS is, visit orangespecialist.org.

Are videos included in the new curriculum packages?

Yes, each curriculum package (Starter/Basic/Premium) has an optional media package designed to compliment that particular tier. The media package includes not only monthly large group video resources, but also music videos, a countdown video and theme-related graphics. If you elect to add a media package, you’ll incur a one-time charge when you purchase your license, and you are set for the entire year.  You will have the ability to download these resources directly from the same page that you use to download your monthly curriculum via our newly-designed delivery system.  How exciting is that?

Is 252 PreTeen included in the new curriculum packages for 252 Kids?

There are elements of 252 PreTeen included in the Starter and Basic Tiers of 252 Kids, with the entire offering included in the Premium tier. Should you select the Starter and Basic tiers and want the entire 252 PreTeen curriculum including video, you can purchase 252 PreTeen separately as a product from our online store.

Does XP3 Students offer a video component?

Video components are supplemental resources and are not included in curriculum price for XP3 Students. When you purchase a license for XP3 Students, you’ll have the option to purchase the videos that accompany your featured XP3 series. Videos available for download in either a MPEG or QuickTime format. Videos are not required for use with XP3 Students, but they will enhance each series.

Is there a sequence to the XP3 Students series?

Yes and No.  XP3 Students allows leaders to follow our strategic scope and cycle but also gives leaders the flexibility to create a custom scope and cycle. In our discussions with student ministry leaders, our team has found that a majority of XP3 leaders are following our scope and cycle to ensure a trusted and balanced teaching strategy throughout the year.

How many sessions are in a series from XP3 Middle School or XP3 High School?

Most of our series are three weeks in length. Some series will be longer or shorter than three weeks. In our writing, we take a very focused approach on the topic for each series, so some series lend themselves well to three weeks, some to four weeks, and some just to two. We never want a series to wear out its welcome by adding an extra week just to fit the criteria of a three-week series. Rest assured that we will always work with a calendar as we plan out the year to provide enough content to last the entire year.

How do I know when my XP3 High School license expires?

Log into your account & click the settings icon in the upper right corner. You’ll see a tab called “History,” click it.  Under “Billing,” you’ll see your last purchase. Your license expires one year from the purchase date.

How do I know when my XP3 Middle School license expires?

Great news! There is no time-based license associated with XP3 Middle School! The series material has been delivered via email to any partners that have purchased access to either a season or a year of content. Once you are out of content to use in your programming, you may either purchase a new season (or year) in our current system or a license in our new delivery system when it is live.


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