You’re already Smart.

After all,
You are on the front lines (and have the scars to prove it).
You answer Alex Trebek in the form of a question every time.
You have Google.

Orange wants to help you be Smart-er.

Smarter is not just what you know, it’s how you put what you know into practice.

Your time is best spent doing what only you can do:

Discovering what works in your particular neighborhood.


The team at Orange works with specialists in child development, parenting, leadership, education, and service organizations to make sure we are always learning from other learners. And, we are also listening to you—Okay, you plus thousands of other leaders who do what you do in churches of every size, denomination, region, and demographic.

Every year, Orange Specialists talk to over 48,000 leaders so they can discover the secrets of what really works in every ministry context. For every hour of time you give a kid, Orange gives you over 100 hours of research, writing, and support.


On the game show “Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader” only two people have won the $1,000,000 prize out of 98 episodes, proving that they should’ve gone with one of these rejected titles for the show:

  • “Are You Smarter Than a Really Really Really Smart Fifth Grader?”
  • “Are You Smarter Than a Team of Professional Game Show Writers who Find the Hardest Questions in 5th Grade Textbooks?”
  • “Are You Smarter Than Everyone?”

There are a few things to know
about kids if you want to help kids
know about God.

For the past three years, Orange has partnered with the Phase Project to conduct hundreds of hours of research, interviews, surveys, and conversations with leaders who invest in the lives of kids and teenagers. These learnings influence the Orange Strategy from birth through college.

We continue to assemble classic and innovative research, and turn it into practical ministry application for one reason:

So, leaders and parents can connect God’s love and  forgiveness to the heart of the next generation.

You have to make an ongoing investment in learning about kids if you hope to have consistent influence with kids.


  • A comprehensive strategy from birth to adulthood.
  • Five unique curriculums for five life stages. NEW!
  • 252 Preteen: a new curriculum specifically tailored for the preteen phase. NEW!
  • Prompts to help leaders and parents learn about their kids. NEW!

The smartest leaders know the value of being connected to other smart leaders.

Orange Specialists personally assist every Orange partner as they implement the curriculum and strategy. Because Orange Specialists have personal ministry experience, as well as over 200 conversations every day with ministry leaders both nationally and internationally, they are well-equipped to provide innovative solutions for every ministry context. This year, the Orange Specialist team is specializing—even more. After years of assisting ministries of all sizes, the Orange team began to discover similar patterns among similar church profiles. So, we have reorganized our team to better serve yours. Whether your church has 250 regular attendees or 25,000, the Orange Specialist assigned to you will be trained and experienced to help churches of your specific size.


  • A reworking of our Orange Specialist network to provide more customized support. NEW!
  • Networking events throughout the year.
  • Training events like Orange Tour and Live to Serve.


Judit Polgar created history in 1991, when she was just 15, by defeating Bobby Fischer (who had an IQ of 180) and becoming the youngest chess grandmaster ever. Other records broken by 15 year olds in 1991:

  • Most times a slap bracelet was slapped in an hour.
  • Most homemade videos reenacting New Kids on the Block’s “Step by Step.”
  • Number of hours spent trying to beat Super Mario World.